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Wear and give Gratitude Club products. Did you know that grateful people experience many positive benefits, such as better health, higher levels of vitality and optimism, and lower levels of stress and depression?

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Gratitude is prized throughout history and all cultures as one of the most esteemed virtues, and the one that is most closely associated with the condition of happiness. Cicero wrote that “gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

People report gratitude when they have received a gift of some type – tangible or intangible, like watching a sunrise – and this is followed by acknowledgment of that gift. Being grateful is associated with many benefits, both psychological and physical, and is even considered to be one of the important threads holding society together.

Grateful people experience many positive benefits, such as better health, higher levels of vitality and optimism, and lower levels of stress and depression. Grateful people also are less envious of others, place lower value on material wealth, engage in more supportive behaviors, and even inhibit destructive interpersonal conflicts.

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Daily gratitude journals and exercises like “Three Blessings” have been shown to create more alertness, hope, enthusiasm, attentiveness and energy in the people who develop routines to counting their blessings.

Take a few minutes to think about people who have been kind to you, given you support, or simply been long-term friends. Did a teacher show your child special attention? Did your partner do an errand for you? Did a professional colleague go out of his or her way to make your day easier? If the answer is “yes,” take a minute to thank them and express your gratitude and help your own gratitude and happiness levels in the meantime. You can copy and paste one of our Gratitude Flowers into an email here.

Expressing your Gratitude  only takes a minute, but its effects last a lifetime!

 I am a Virtual Assistant and when I started my business, I wanted to put a signature block in all of my emails. Instead of the traditional ‘sincerely,’ or similar, I wanted something that represented me. So, I signed, ‘With Gratitude.’ Then, a friend of mine sent me your website and I gushed! How awesome is it that you’ve created such a great site. - Michelle


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